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ACO Passavant Detego

Covers that protect (against) water

The growing number of heavy rainfall events shows how important it is to protect the environment and simultaneously water bodies from large water masses. ACO Passavant Detego develops flood- and backflow-proof covers and covers for sealing surfaces in accordance with the Water Resources Act.

Manholes with suitable manhole covers may also be present in impervious surfaces, e.g. on transhipment and logistics areas and at airports. There are always two things to bear in mind here. Firstly, only manhole covers that are impermeable to liquids are used in sealing areas - and only those that also have sealing systems that are resistant to the substances that are expected to be hazardous to water, such as fuel or chemicals. Secondly, you should go for the highest quality - which is why you should make sure that the manhole covers are made by ACO Passavant Detego.

Manhole covers that protect against flooding and backwater

Just as our products help protect drinking water and groundwater, our products can also protect against water damage - from above as well as below.

After heavy rain or flooding, water from above can become a problem if it penetrates through the manhole cover into the infrastructure below and cause damage to cables and technology. The floor flap must therefore be flood-proof, i.e. it must reliably withstand the volumes of water that are to be expected from above at that location.

Heavy rainfall events and flooding can also lead to overloading of the sewage system. This results in volumes of water and air pushing in all possible directions, including upwards. Therefore, manhole covers have to be made backflow-proof. Backflow-proof means that both the cover and the frame around the covers are firmly anchored to withstand the pressure from below.

Watertight manhole covers for every additional requirement

Even though tightness is the most important requirement for manhole covers in some areas - we have even more to offer! We are happy to take into account heavy load capacity, fire protection, special options such as opening aids or special design requests. Our full service offer also includes installation and commissioning as well as maintenance of the covers on request!

As with all special solutions from ACO Passavant Detego, the following applies to covers with high impermeability requirements: The more precisely we know the on-site conditions, the more specifically we can develop the right product to meet your requirements. By asking the right questions, our experts will guide you to the right solution that will leave no wish unfulfilled.

We look forward to working on your project