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ACO Passavant Detego

Custom covers for pipes, ducts and access shafts

The supply of clean drinking water and the safe disposal of sewage and waste is regarded as the foundation of a functioning civilisation. ACO Passavant Detego contributes to this success with our manhole covers.

Manhole covers for drinking water, sewage and waste disposal

There is an extreme variety of manhole covers available for the utilities and waste disposal sector, both round and square standard cast iron products as well as customised products. The following questions are crucial when it comes to providing you with the right product:

  • Where is the cover located? From busy streets to urban green spaces, anything is possible.
  • How heavily is the surface subjected to load/traffic?
  • How often is the cover opened?

With our broad product range, our extensive experience with utilities and waste disposal, and our unique ability to deliver customised solutions, we can find the right cover to suit your needs: from products made of stainless steel for drinking water supply to special covers in sewage treatment plants and floor access doors for waste disposal that can be driven over by lorries.

Custom solutions and a comprehensive service for manhole covers

All ACO Passavant Detego products can be equipped with a wide range of optional extras, depending on requirements. These include different degrees of impermeability, fire protection or opening aids for single-person operation.

No matter what additional requirements your manhole covers have to fulfil:

With our products, you can always rely on a long service life. Of course, our maintenance service, which we are also happy to offer, contributes to this.

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