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ACO Passavant Detego

DIN standards
in the area of street channel castings

We come across manhole covers, also known as channel or gully covers, every day. Increasing traffic loads, especially heavy goods traffic, lead to high wear and tear on manhole covers. The consequence: rattling noises and extra replacement costs. The solution: Choose DIN-tested products that are certified according to the RAL-GZ 692 quality symbol.

DIN EN 124 regulates the basic properties and monitoring of a product. The purpose of this standard is to specify definitions, classes, materials, construction and testing principles, marking and quality control for tops and covers.

An important point is operational and traffic safety. The safe storage of the cover and/or grating in the frame prevents it from being thrown out.

This is achieved through:

  • a locking device
  • unit weight according to DIN 1229 - sufficient mass
  • dimensional standard according to DIN 19584

However, DIN EN 124 does not define minimum requirements for damping inserts and frost/thaw resistance.

Therefore, the other DIN standards and the GET quality symbol regulate operational and traffic safety.

DIN 1229 is a supplementary standard.

It regulates the unit weights for loosely inserted covers and/or gratings in classes C 250 to F 900. Therefore, a cover of class D 400 with a clear width of 610 mm must weigh a minimum of 87.7 kg.

The dimensional standard DIN 19584 regulates the requirements for standard manhole covers in class D 400 in the areas of dimensions and weights as well as materials and appearance.

Definition of the requirement:

  • minimum total weight of frame and cover equals 176 kg
  • precise definition of the cast iron content
  • a continuous cast iron trough
  • an insert

Products that comply with this standard are therefore comparable in tenders.