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ACO Passavant Detego

Protecting against smoke

As with emergency exits, the same applies to smoke extraction dampers: Reliable function can save lives! A major responsibility that ACO Passavant Detego is happy to take on. Safety first.

Covers for smoke extraction from ACO Passavant Detego are mainly found in traffic areas such as walkways and public squares, in particular above underground railways and underground car parks. Hydraulically driven openings that open reliably even in the event of a power failure via fire alarm system or remote triggering are the standard for smoke extraction dampers. However, we also supply SHEV hatches for manual opening by the fire brigade.

We offer smoke extraction hatches in traffic areas in any desired load class up to heavy loads. In order to integrate our covers inconspicuously into the surroundings, they can be filled or paved with the appropriate on-site floor covering. We are happy to consider additional requirements such as design, tightness and fire protection; additional options such as fall protection and warning signal devices are available. Likewise, we provide installation and regular maintenance of your smoke heat exhaust vents through our highly qualified personnel.

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