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ACO Passavant Detego

Manhole covers that protect against noise and heat

Another major area of expertise for ACO Passavant Detego is the additional requirement of fire protection and sound insulation for manhole covers. We equip your customised manhole covers to meet all requirements.

Manhole covers with fire protection and sound insulation

As a leader in innovation, we have completed countless projects in which fire and/or noise protection was a crucial feature of the manhole covers. This includes references located in tunnels as well as on and in buildings that are culturally or politically significant - such as museums and ministries - as well as structures that guarantee the energy and water supply of the population.

While the requirements are varied, so are our possibilities. Apart from the issue of fire resistance duration, the question of whether fire protection should be provided from above or below is also important when it comes to fire protection.

Is the area driven over, what loads occur and how often, by whom and with what means is the cover opened? We design your fire-protected manhole covers to ensure that everything functions perfectly: functionality, everyday handling, long durability - even in the event of a fire.

We will find the perfect solution: Just give us a call!