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ACO Passavant Detego

Covers for any location

Insertion and removal openings cover a wide range of applications, sizes and systems. At ACO Passavant Detego, we develop the best customised solution for each situation.

The first question in terms of Insertion and removal openings is always: How often is it to be opened?

Let's take a transformer cover as an example. If we assume that this is only opened every 15 years, then there is no need for a cover with hinges and a drive. A solid cover is recommended here, which requires a crane to open it. Put a tick next to it - you'll get that from us!

Need to access it more often? ACO Passavant Detego also provides you with the perfect infeed and outfeed opening for this purpose. In industrial production areas, for example, these may involve large-format, heavy-duty floor access hatches with automatic opening, through which material and products can be transported from one floor to the next. Of course, we also equip these with warning signal systems and automatically extending fall protection on request.

Best floor access doors for wood chip bunkers

More and more heating systems are being operated with woodchips, and ACO Passavant Detego filling openings are being used above more and more woodchip bunkers. These can be accessible to lorries, opened and closed with an automatic drive and, if required, fireproof and watertight. A great example of the many additional requirements that we can fulfil with each of our custom products.

We can also meet the requirements of landscape architecture. We are happy to supply our insertion and removal openings with covers suitable for paving, so that they blend in harmoniously with the architecture of their surroundings.

System provider for insertion and removal openings incl. installation and maintenance

We not only design and build custom solutions, we also install them on request.

Also recommended: Our professional maintenance service for all your insertion and removal openings, manhole covers and floor access doors!

Größer? More impermeable? More flexible? We are always happy to help. Call now!