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ACO Passavant Detego

We protect infrastructure

Infrastructure can only ever function as well as the cover that protects it. Cable chamber covers from ACO Passavant Detego help reliably extend life cycles and reduce operating costs. That is why they are the first choice for telecommunications providers, network operators and public utilities, in industrial plants and on heavy-load surfaces. Look down the next time you're out on the town - you're sure to spot some of our products!

Cable duct covers from ACO Passavant Detego are used wherever underground cables have to be covered: In the telecommunications sector and for city lighting, junction boxes, signalling systems and public heating systems. They are also suitable for covering shafts for power stations, data centres, pumping stations, transformer stations and as inspection shafts in many other sectors. Our covers naturally comply with all the required standards.

Easy to handle, high durability

Whether it's a standard or custom-made product - manhole covers from ACO Passavant Detego are characterised by the following features:

  • Durability: The cover provides the cables with lasting protection and extends their life cycle
  • Traffic and operational safety with low maintenance and operating costs
  • Security: The infrastructure is protected from unauthorised access
  • Easy to handle: It is easy for the responsible personnel to gain access

Our Trigona cover, for example, with its triangular top, is ideal for situations where access by individual persons is frequently required. Thanks to innovative engineering, the Trigona covers have a low individual weight and can be operated by one person in accordance with the Load Handling Ordinance.

For every load class, for every requirement

Behind the thousands of covers that we have installed above technical systems in Germany alone, there is always an understanding of different occupational fields, local peculiarities and special challenges. With individually manufactured cable chamber covers, we also offer the right solution for every extra requirement and in every load class from covers that can be walked on to heavy load covers.

We develop custom manhole covers as one-off items or in series production

  • For all load classes from pedestrian areas with class B 125 to air traffic areas with class F 900
  • Surface watertight, backflow-proof or for sealing surfaces
  • with or without ventilation
  • for paving
  • for new constructions and renovation
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