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ACO Passavant Detego

Ensuring effectiveness of your safety plan

Covers installed in escape and rescue routes must function reliably 365 days a year, day or night, regardless of the weather and with little physical effort. Following these important principles, we can develop customised covers for horizontal emergency exits and deliver the perfect solution with confidence.

Reliable covers and floor access doors for emergency exits

The thought of an emergency sometimes causes concern for planners. When human lives are at stake, it is important to do everything right in terms of escape and rescue routes and even covers. The biggest challenge is that there is no one "right" way, as there is no general regulation for horizontal covers in escape and rescue routes.

Depending on the location, there are many regulations and concerns from the relevant authorities that have to be taken into account. From the relevant state building regulations to the building-specific fire protection concepts to the EC Machinery Directive, from the Employer's Liability Insurance Association to the police and fire brigade to the insurance company.

Who could possibly keep track of everything? Us of course – Your ACO Passavant Detego team. We take a close look at the underlying conditions from the very first enquiry and familiarise everyone involved with the relevant issues as early as the planning stage.

Construction, installation, commissioning and maintenance - all from a single source

As a system provider, we offer complete customised solutions for emergency exits in every conceivable size, from simple openings to large floor access doors. We personally take care of the professional installation of our covers over your emergency exits. That way we can make sure that everything works as it always should.

Where necessary, we will arrange the final approval or acceptance by the relevant authorities on your behalf!

We can also perform the necessary regular servicing of your horizontal emergency exits and other floor access doors. We will be happy to provide you with an offer - contact us!

Fully equipped emergency exits - from drives to warning devices

Emergency exits, escape and rescue routes must function reliably at all times. This means that they must be able to be opened at any time without undue exertion by intended users: on the outside by rescue services, on the inside by trained personnel or even third parties who have not been trained. Release and opening via fire alarm systems or by remote control may also be required. ACO Passavant Detego makes all of this possible.

Hydraulic drives that also function in the event of power failures are recommended for emergency exits with opening assistance. Another option is counterbalance drives.

At the same time, emergency exits must not present an additional source of danger. We are therefore happy to supply your emergency exits with the required optional extras: with automatically extending fall protection and handrail as well as visual and acoustic signalling devices. Additional requirements such as impermeability, frost protection, truck accessibility or heavy load suitability are not a problem for us either.

In an ideal world emergency exits never need to be used and simply fade into the background, which is why we will find the right type of cover for you: Everything from gratings to surfaces that can be paved over and harmoniously integrated into the surroundings.

Guaranteed the best solution: enquire now!