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ACO Passavant Detego

Customised manhole covers for heavy load surfaces

ACO Passavant Detego offers products and special solutions for manhole covers of all load classes. We place a special focus on heavy load surfaces. Our more than 75 years of experience and expertise in environmental technology are used to solve major challenges - at airports and container terminals, among others.

ACO Passavant Detego masters all load classes

In special load and heavy load traffic areas such as airports, manhole covers must be able to withstand extreme load requirements due to high wheel loads and high traffic volumes. Any vertical and horizontal forces that occur must be transferred to the structures or traffic areas via the covers.

We offer covers in the appropriate load classes for:

  • Drainage shafts
  • Cable ducts
  • Installation openings and inspection shafts
  • Emergency exit

in heavy load areas.

Complete solutions for permanent operational and traffic safety

Our products are characterised by lasting durability and functional reliability as we always have the overarching requirements in mind. Besides the right choice of product, professional shaft construction, the grout selection and the installation quality are of fundamental importance for durability, especially in heavy load areas. As a system provider, we can take care of the professional installation if required.

Rapid replacement when refurbishment is required

Our reliable products create the conditions for smooth workflows. If components need to be replaced, we ensure that they can be refurbished quickly. Take advantage of our unique maintenance service, which takes care of both our own and other manufacturers' products!

Special manhole covers for heavy load surfaces

Round, square, one-piece and multi-piece, special designs: We can supply you with manhole covers in any shape you need. Do you have extra requirements for your manhole covers in areas subject to heavy loads? That's no problem for us either: Tightness, fire protection and sound insulation, 1-person operation - we can supply whatever you need! In any quantity required, from one-offs and small batches to large quantities.

References: Real heavyweights in the industry

You will find manhole covers from ACO Passavant Detego wherever there is heavy traffic: at the major commercial airports in Germany, the container terminals in Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven or on the heavy-load traffic areas of well-known industrial companies.

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