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ACO Passavant Detego

Full service for manhole covers and floor access doors

Our unique offer includes a complete service for manhole covers and floor access doors, from individual planning and construction to installation, maintenance and refurbishment.

As a full-service provider, we can also professionally install your manhole covers and floor access doors on request. We regard the installation of emergency exits as an integral part of the project and as crucial for ensuring that emergency exits function properly. For other products, we can assign you a foreman as an alternative. Installation is carried out by a contractor of your choice, who receives appropriate guidance from our specialists.

Installation, maintenance and servicing from a single source

We are already focusing on smooth installation and time-saving maintenance and refurbishment when you make your enquiry. At ACO, we know what is important in construction projects, be it traffic areas, industrial and logistics areas or infrastructure projects. Since we offer the perfect customised solution for manhole covers, we are able to perfectly harmonise the concerns of you as a building owner, architect or planner with the needs of users, residents and road users. Of course, all this is done in compliance with legal requirements and in close cooperation with other trades!

We also take care of official approvals or technical acceptance of our products, e.g. by the TÜV, where required or requested.

Quick repair of manhole covers and floor access covers

In logistical and traffic and heavy load areas such as airports and container terminals, downtime means losses. When something requires refurbishment, it has to be done quickly. We are here for that too - call us directly in the event of damage!

Our highly reliable products made of durable materials ensure safe manhole covers, emergency exits and floor access hatches right from the very start. Our regular maintenance service provides additional assurance that everything is running according to plan. Annual maintenance and functional testing is mandatory for emergency exits!

Maintenance service at favourable rates

Due to the size of our company, our large network and the wide distribution of our products also in your region, we can plan the deployment of our maintenance teams with precision. This allows us to offer reliable maintenance services at favourable rates. We also service and refurbish manhole covers from other manufacturers. ACO Passavant Detego saves you time and money!

We look forward to hearing from you!