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ACO Passavant Detego

Manhole covers for a harmonious appearance

Manhole covers must function. Everyone agrees on that. At the same time, everyone is pleased when covers and floor access doors also look good and meet certain design requirements or do not stand out at all. At ACO Passavant Detego, we are also the market specialists for precisely this: Landscape architects appreciate us for the possibilities our products offer them!

Unobtrusive manhole covers from ACO Passavant Detego

Cities are growing, cities are changing. At the same time, each city aims to preserve its own original charm for citizens and visitors. The changes brought about by the influx of people, the change in traffic and technical innovations for the infrastructure should be integrated as harmoniously as possible into the cityscape. Manhole covers and floor access doors should not spoil the look and feel, especially in historic city centres, in and around listed buildings or squares, in museums, churches, town halls or in front of landmarks.

For special demands on function and aesthetics

Smoke extraction vents over underground car parks in pedestrian zones, horizontal emergency exits on historic buildings, transformer installations in green spaces, gardens and parks - these situations can pose major challenges for landscape architects. At ACO Passavant Detego, we make concerns relating to such things disappear just as discreetly as our manhole covers.

Customised floor access hatches with customised surfaces

We are specialised in developing special solutions for all types of manhole covers: Impermeability depending on requirements, suitable for trucks or heavy loads, with integrated fire protection, with insulation, etc.

A customised solution is the only option, especially when the visual appearance of the surface plays an important role as certain design ideas need to be implemented. The cover can be designed as a trough to adapt to the on-site surface. The cover can then be paved, for example, according to its surroundings after installation. Almost any cover size is possible. One of our largest manhole covers to date is located at the Place de Metz in Luxembourg. It has a clear width of 2.8 x 8.32 metres and is also a great example of successful aesthetic integration. Read more here.

With custom-made products such as these, it goes without saying that we will also take care of the installation. In addition, maintenance is of course also part of our range of services as a full-service provider for manhole covers!

Are you searching for a solution that also looks good? Then call now!