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ACO Passavant Detego

In Karlsruhe, the large-scale restructuring of the inner-city traffic is known as the “Combination solution”. This involves moving key tram lines underground to make the city centre quieter, safer for pedestrians and both more attractive and accessible for visitors.

This required the construction of new underground railway stations, which had to be equipped with smoke extraction dampers. A mammoth project for the city and a mammoth project for ACO Passavant Detego. We did it!

Large smoke extraction dampers.

The quantity of floor access hatches alone was quite large for the Karlsruhe combination solution project: 17 smoke extraction dampers and, in addition, three entry and exit openings or assembly openings for the smoke extraction technology.

The dimensions of the individual hatches were also large. The largest installation cover required a clear width of 2.8 x 5.2 metres. Two variants were planned for the smoke extraction dampers, one with a clear width of 1.9 x 1.9 metres and one with a clear width of 2.4 x 2.4 metres, depending on the type of ventilation in use.

The total of 20 manhole covers were to be installed at various locations, including market squares and green strips located between traffic areas.

Everything hand in hand.

At ACO Passavant Detego, we can also draw on our extensive experience as Europe's market leader in customised manhole covers, in many cases involving large-scale projects with several construction sites. This includes the development and construction of the right manhole cover for the right purpose in the right place and its installation. As a system provider, the installation at the Karlsruhe combination solution was part of the contract.

Between mid-2019 and March 2020, all 20 floor access hatches were designed, delivered and installed by our in-house teams on schedule.

All smoke control dampers open hydraulically within 40 to 45 seconds. The floor access hatches in the pedestrian areas are flush with the ground, the covers between the roadways are installed on concrete upstands.

The insertion and removal openings are additionally equipped with inspection openings for quick access by specialist personnel.

Make way!

All of the new stations of the underground railway network were put into operation as planned. A success for all involved, for which we are proud to have played our part!

An important aim of the combination solution is to facilitate reduced traffic and promote leisurely shopping and strolling through Karlsruhe's city centre. Naturally, covers should not be too obtrusive. The covers are therefore paved with the surface of their surroundings.

The floor-level hatches can all be driven over by lorries. To prevent drivers from blocking the floor access hatches, however, some smoke extraction dampers are surrounded by chairs that are firmly bolted in place. Seating, reliable function, chic appearance - killing several birds with one stone!

Twice a year, our expert teams check and service the manhole covers to ensure they function safely - another benefit of our comprehensive service package for our customers. When should we combine the perfect solution for you?