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ACO Passavant Detego

Specialist for customised manhole covers

When it comes to manhole covers, emergency exits and floor access doors, "special solutions" are our speciality: we cover every niche!

To achieve this, we offer both a wide range of standardised products and also develop every conceivable type of special manhole cover:

  • Shape: round, square, all special shapes on request
  • Almost any size
  • All classes from accessible on foot to heavy duty
  • Single- or multi-covers
  • With or without opening aid

We can meet any requirements from impermeability to fire protection and sound insulation. Furthermore, a wide range of options is available, from protection to stop covers falling inwards to integrated warning systems and much more.

As experts, we provide our clients - planners, architects, companies, authorities issuing invitations to tender - with the best custom-made results quickly and reliably. We find innovative answers to unique tasks. We make whatever you need possible.

We look forward to hearing from you!