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ACO Passavant Detego

blue water splash (world map) isolated on white background; Shutterstock ID 50716699

ACO. we care for water

ACO stands for Ahlmann and CO, a strong founding family

For more than 75 years, ACO has had one mission: to protect people from water and to protect water from people. The ACO Group is one of the global market leaders in environmental and drainage technology. Climate change challenges us all to respond to new environmental influences with innovative solutions. ACO adopts an integrated approach and focuses on professional drainage, efficient cleaning and the controlled drainage or reuse of water.

The company's products comprise of drainage channels and gullies, oil and grease separating systems, back flow systems and pumps as well as pressurised watertight basement and cellar windows and light shafts.

ACO quality and innovation - world market leader in drainage for more than 75 years

ACO is a “hidden champion”, in the truest sense of the word, as many of its products are built into the ground. As one of the leading international companies in drainage technology, ACO is the global quality and market leader for many products.

The ACO Group's innovation is the result of intensive research and development and expertise in the processing of polymer concrete, plastic, cast iron, stainless steel and reinforced concrete. ACO is present in over 40 countries and has production facilities on four continents in 30 manufacturing plants.